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Short to medium wave (0.5 - 5 microns) and medium to long wave (2 - 10 microns) IR ranges can be covered using InSb and MCT focal plane arrays with the IDS2100 IRFPA Camera System.

The camera head shown above is the CCH-03.  The CCH-03 is a pour-fill LN2 dewar containing the IR sensor. The dewar is generic in design, allowing many types of sensor packages to be interchangeable. The CCHBE-03 camera head electronics module  is mounted on the side of the dewar, providing up to four  video channels, 24 bipolar clock drivers and multiple bias voltages.

These systems permit IR imaging and spectrometer functions to be combined into one instrument. Suitable for synchronization with external laser systems at rates up to 100 Hz (sub-frame mode) or 30 Hz (full-frame mode). Short integration times are possible (6-25 usec.) to keep dark current to a minimum, allowing capture of short IR pulses (100 femtoseconds to 1 picosecond).

Current configurations have been assembled with Raytheon and Rockwell IR sensors. The system is easily adapted for use with other "snapshot" integration-mode devices, and larger/smaller array sizes. Complete imaging systems with software for Spectrometer and FTIR applications are available.


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