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The IDS-3102 IRFPA Camera System

Long- and Mid-Wave Infrared Imaging

The IDS3102 IRFPA Imager System consists of the LN2 pour-fill cryostat, rear-mounted electronics assembly, and external power supply. The system is intended to serve as a development tool for engineers and scientists interested in evaluating sensors or developing IRFPA applications. The system also serves as a standalone IRFPA camera system for dedicated installations, using the p1394a (FireWire™) interface available on many computers. For spectrometer applications, the system can utilize the Talktronics DTSpec Imaging Spectrometer system software and external user-defined optics for a complete spectrometer system.

IDS3102-MCT LWIR 2-10 um 15 fps datasheet (PDF)

IDS3102-InSb MWIR 1-5 um 15 fps datasheet (PDF)

The IDS3102-MCT Camera System provides a 320x240 image in the LWIR region (2-10 um) at frame rates up to 15 fps. The IDS3102-InSb camera provides coverage of the MWIR region (1-5 um). The electronics module contains the digital timing controller that generates all clock signals and bias voltages for the IRFPA, digitizes the pixels and sends the digitized pixel information to a computer via the p1394a (FireWire™) Digital Camera Interface. The interface supports streaming video at 400 MBits/second.

The long-wave IRFPA is a HgCdTe (MCT) focal plane array, with 30x30 um pixels in 320x240 format that can be expanded to 384x288. The sensor is a staring type device with selectable gain, frame size and integration time. Sensitivity of the device spans approximately 2 um to 10 um. The mid-wave InSb focal plane array provides 30x30 um pixels in 320x256 format, with a wideband coverage of 1 um to 5 um.

The electronics module can be controlled via software in the p1394a Camera Setup software control panel (WinXP). A secondary communication channel is provided for debug and camera setup via the RS232C serial port. Pixel correction is provided via two-point correction method, with a gain map downloaded via the RS232C serial port, and stored in the camera (as long as power is maintained). The Camera Setup software permits control of analog gain via the FPA, digital gain via Talktronics' proprietary digital pixel processor, coarse and fine digital control of video analog offset, automatic background subtraction mode, integration time and image capture functions.

The IDS3102 IRFPA Camera Dewar and electronics assembly may be remotely located from the computer using a standard p1394a cable (6-15 feet). The Power supply connects to the camera electronics via an integral 6 ft. camera power cable. AC power in range of 100-240VAC, 47-63 Hz.

Shown below is the IDS3102 Camera and external power supply. The camera as shown includes a custom mounting faceplate for integration with a second LN2-cooled dewar containing spectrometer optics.

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Talktronics designs and manufactures high-resolution electronic cameras for scientific applications in infrared and visible imaging employing CCD and FPA sensor technology. Infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) systems with software provide imaging and spectrometer capabilities in medium (MWIR 0.5-5.0 microns) and longwave (LWIR 2-10 microns) regions.

In addition to camera systems technology, Talktronics designs and manufactures electronic products and software for Original Equipment Manufacturers for consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive and aerospace applications. Learn more about Talktronics by clicking here.

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