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The Imaging System product line includes modules and complete systems for testing and operation of large area CCD's with digital resolution of 16 bits per pixel and low noise performance (<3e- with appropriate science-grade CCD). The system can be applied to megapixel devices (up to 1024 x 1024, 2048 x 4096, etc.), image store devices, CMOS imagers, including linear and area arrays of any format with 1, 2 or 4 outputs.

The general-purpose system permits operation of various devices all from the same platform. The sensor may be installed in a LN2-cooled dewar (i.e. IRFPA Camera Systems), or in a thermo-electrically cooled camera head. The camera head electronics can also be supplied unpackaged, so that it may be installed in a custom application. Numerous CCD and FPA Socket Adapters are available, allowing the same core electronics platform and software to be used to operate and evaluate different sensors. Shown above is the IDS2100 Imaging System mainframe on the right, part of the Imager Development System (IDS) product line, and on the left is the CCH-03 LN2 Camera Head.   The Cooled Camera Head (CCH) product line consists of dewars cooled using LN2 and TEC methods.

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